Launch for Volume 63 Was Huge Success

More than 100 people filled the Community Room at the Princeton Public Library on Sunday, April 8 to usher in the new issue of U.S.1 Worksheets. Fifty-six contributors read their poem in this issue to enthusiastic laughter and applause.


Additionally, single copies of the journal can be purchased through our new Paypal link or by sending a check to U.S.1Poets’ Cooperative. Check the ORDERS tab for more information.

We have regularly donated unsold journals to community or non-profit groups in the inner city or other disadvantaged areas where books are at a premium. Not only will we continue to do so, but, because of the generosity of our poetry community, this year we will also underwrite a scholarship for a poet from 18 to 30 years so that he or she will be able to attend Peter Murphy’s Winter Poetry and Prose Getaway at the shore in New Jersey.

Yes, those are jellyfish in the cover image. The photo was taken by Leah Henderson at the Camden County Aquarium in New Jersey on a seventh grade school outing. It’s even more amazing up close.


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